Unable to summon help, she is about to succumb to her illness, but she is inspired by a passage in her Bible to perform a painful procedure, which later impresses even Doc Baker. After another argument, Laura breaks their engagement. Laura and Almanzo's new house is completed and he has fully recovered his health. As Louisa is now no longer there to stick up for her son and Horace is openly hostile toward children, especially girls, Caroline and Doc Baker are faced with a moral dilemma but eventually make the decision to let Helen and Sherman raise the Beckwith boy as their own in a loving home with two parents. Jeb jumps back into the lake and is able to save her in time, but not before her brain is partly damaged and she is unable to walk, talk, and use her hands normally. When Mrs. Oleson makes a large cash donation, they also agree to name the new school after her. Laura and Nellie vie for the affections of a new schoolboy named Jason (. When Nellie gives birth, she unexpectedly has twins, a girl and a boy, so Nellie and Percival agree to raise their son Benjamin as Jewish and their daughter Jennifer as a Christian. Helen's birth is indeed a breech and the baby dies. The Olesons get themselves invited onto the Ingalls family campout, after Nellie complains that it will give Laura and Mary an advantage for the school holiday project of leaf-collecting. Mrs. Oleson seems to enjoy spreading the bad news, but Charles and Caroline help to bring Laura and Almanzo back together. Nellie does not help him learn to study but instead shows him an even "better" way to succeed by cheating, which she has also been doing. The Handyman. While Laura is fishing with her new friend Jonah, they think they have discovered gold. Sarah becomes jealous over the blossoming friendship, until Ruthy reveals her that she is dying. Charles is disgusted by the noisy saloon and its foul-mouthed patrons. Originally aired as a 95-minute movie (excluding commercials), when offered in syndication, it is shown either in two parts or in its entirety. Charles is in trouble with Caroline after forgetting their wedding anniversary. Laura asks her to go home with her the afternoon of her first day at school to work on their essays and they go by the Blind School on the way home. Then it was renewed for a ninth season better known as Little House: A New Beginning from September 27, 1982 to March 21, 1983. Charles and Mr. Edwards, and later Albert, against Charles' orders, set out to track down the villains. Eventually, a fatigued Charles causes an accident that traps him and a co-worker inside. Sign up here. Laura begins... Read More » The Garveys follow suit. Laura feels the first stirrings of attraction to a boy named Jimmy Hill (Chris Petersen) with whom she has previously enjoyed playing baseball and going fishing, but he does not respond in the same way. Nellie exploits Laura's guilty feelings, but then Laura makes a discovery which leads to a comeuppance for Nellie, and Bunny becomes Laura's horse again. Caleb Hodgekiss, an ex-convict, finds him and takes him to his house where his wife takes care of him. Sylvia's father decides that they must leave Walnut Grove. However, it soon transpires that Edwards has other plans, and twice Charles has to stop Edwards from trying to commit suicide. Mr. Edwards, and later, Almanzo and John, become mixed up with the criminal activities of a bumbling gang of outlaws. After Joseph gets attacked by bullies, his grandfather has a change of heart and shows up at school to reveal Joseph's father. Laura has to battle all kinds of adversity and needs a pep-talk from her Pa when she begins to feel sorry for herself. When Percival's parents visit Walnut Grove for the birth of Nellie's baby, Percival reveals that his real name is Isaac Cohen, much to Harriet's consternation. Mary is the only one who is able to seek help, since Adam is injured and the other lady in the stagecoach is pregnant and about to go into labor. Nellie tells everyone in the kitchen at the restaurant that she caught Almanzo kissing Laura, and Charles hurries to Almanzo's house to "beat Almanzo Wilder within an inch of his life". Caroline orders Laura to care for her dog, Jack, before going to town to greet a newcomer, Kezia Horn (Hermione Baddeley), who lives in the ruins of a house. Class is dismissed and everyone but Andy and his mom leave, but a moment later, Laura walks back in and speaks up about what Nellie had done to Andy. Charles helps Tod face and then let go of his past, and he comes to realize the importance of needing someone in his life as he makes peace with his grandparents. Nonetheless, if Albert did indeed die before becoming a doctor, this would contradict Melissa Gilbert's voice-over statement. In Season 7, change is in the air! Almanzo visits her, but their talk turns into another argument. An excited Laura recruits Albert to help her fix up Mr. Edward's old shack for Mary and Adam to live in. This error is entirely corrected on the "Deluxe Remastered Edition" of TV's Little House on the Prairie which bears the copyright dates from 1974 to 1983 and now 2014. Meanwhile, Laura has a crush on schoolmate Jason and, with Albert's counsel, tries to get him to notice her. He gets a ride with Mr. Edwards on a delivery trip to Mankato, and gets involved with a poker game and a dance hall girl. Season 4, Episode 8 – The Aftermath The movie was originally intended to air in December 1983 but was not aired until December 1984, 10 months after the official series finale. He is staying with the Ingalls family, eating them out of house and home, when the spirited spinster Amanda Cooper catches his eye. When Almanzo sees her after her first week, he begins to think he may have romantic feelings for Laura, which confuses him. After being nursed back to health by Charles, Joe decides to stay in Walnut Grove and make a new living as a farmer. Laura writes Mary a card in Braille. Then Sylvia is sexually assaulted in the woods by a masked assailant, but Mr. Webb, fearful of the townspeople's reaction, insists she keep it a secret. The girls all hide underwater until they go away. Unfortunately, many are unable to get home and the men of Walnut Grove must organize a search party. Toby sets out to win her heart, but she is determined to keep him at arm's length. The adventures of the Ingalls family continue in Season 5 of “Little House on the Prairie”. Fortunately, a friend he has made allows him to stay at his house and be attended by his doctor. However, this final match strains elderly Milo's heart, and he dies after the match concludes with his victory and his pride restored. Charles and Caroline discuss buying an expensive hat for Mary's 16th birthday. At the last church service, Mary shares her testimony with the congregation. However, Almanzo takes a second job so that he can secretly pay the shortfall of rent for the blind school, persuading Houston the caretaker to tell Laura that the landlord has reduced the rent. He starts to take over her newspaper, demand that she and the family move back to New York City, and causes other problems for Sarah and the rest of her family in their own personal lives. When the school closes for the summer with no plans to reopen next fall, the teacher, Mrs. Beadle-Simms, and her husband make the decision to leave Walnut Grove. After Almanzo's recovery, Charles tells him and Laura they must wait one year [rather than two] before they marry. Grace writes to the Ingalls asking for their help. This causes Mary and John much heartache, as they must decide whether to remain together or risk a separation for the sake of John's career. S4 E4 48m. Meanwhile, back in Walnut Grove, many are forced to consider the real possibility of having to start a new life elsewhere as the town's economy erodes and work becomes scarce. The 1st Annual Charity Picnic is held at The Harriet Oleson Institute for the Advancement of Blind Children to raise funds to extend the building. Meanwhile, Laura and Albert get Mrs. Oleson and Nellie to come pick up the hive (just a small nearby log full of bees), not telling them they're actually doing it during the time the bees are the most active and mean, causing them to get attacked on the way home. After Julia Sanderson's death, her three children stay with Grace, with help from Mr. Edwards. In the first episode of a two-part story, an accident unexpectedly restores Adam Kendall's (Linwood Boomer) eyesight. When Michael Landon decided to leave the show, it got this new name, the focus was put on the characters of Laura and Almanzo, and more recurring characters were added. When the school board fails to back her, Miss Wilder fears she will have to leave, and Almanzo tells Laura he will be leaving with his sister. After Johnny Johnson has an argument with his father, he decides to leave "to see the world", having been influenced by Mr. Edwards' tall tales. A widowed circus man and young father named Little Lou (Billy Barty) makes a promise to his wife to quit the circus and move to Walnut Grove to try to make a living after his wife dies during childbirth. Meanwhile, in Walnut Grove, Nels tries to get Nancy to contribute to the Olesons' Christmas but later regrets it; Jason tries to earn money for gifts with a Christmas tree delivery service which nobody wants; and Mr. Montague tries to avoid all the seasonal customs but ends up saving the Carters' Christmas. Laura has a heart to heart with the sad clown about Almanzo and discovers the clown is the circus manager! However, as they return through Sleepy Eye, Laura spots an old courthouse building available for rent. Albert goes after him and, using some, Most of the people of Walnut Grove, including Harriet Oleson, are excited by the arrival of Gambini the Great (, Laura and Almanzo have invested all their money in trees for an orchard. Caroline's father, Frederick, is inconsolably distraught, until the family—enjoying his tales of when Caroline was young—persuade him to write his autobiography. The blind school either has to find a new location or has to close. When the friends finally take it to the bank for safe keeping, Mr. Sprague delivers some very unwelcome news. Laura grows jealous when Charles starts giving more attention to Albert. Nels finds himself fighting temptation and infidelity, complicated by Charles accidentally catching him kissing a woman who is not his wife. Almanzo's brother, Royal, arrives with his daughter, Jenny, and with a devastating secret: he is terminally ill and the true reason he is visiting Walnut Grove is to give Jenny a chance to get to know Laura and Almanzo, who will become her adoptive parents. Joe Kagan gives up his farm and moves to Sleepy Eye to work with Jonathan Garvey in his freight business and hoping to persuade Hester-Sue to marry him. But later, one of his tables with his 'CI' mark is bought as a prized antique at an auction approximately 100 years later in the then present day (1982). Charles has always wanted a son, and has another chance to get one when Caroline announces she's pregnant. While she is climbing up a hillside, her old glasses fall out of her pocket and the lenses magnify the sunlight and soon start a fire, which acts as a signal for Charles and Jonathan, who are searching for them. Mr. Edwards and Doc Baker provide help to a nearby town during a mountain fever epidemic. Then Laura encounters an even greater problem, when all the children have to write an essay for Parents' Day, but when the day comes, she creatively rises to the occasion. Nellie returns to Walnut Grove, and most of her family try to make it the best visit ever. He completes the sale of their homestead to the Carter family from New York, and is given a farewell party by his friends. But then he finds out that his health is failing, so he tells the children he will let them stay with the Ingalls. After her earlier insults, it is what Percival has been waiting for, and they marry the next day. In the aftermath, he bitterly resigns himself to life as a 'cripple', and Laura welcomes the arrival of Eliza Jane. She convinces Doc Baker and the Olesons that she was not responsible, but Albert and Willie work out the truth and foil her plot. Almanzo falls ill with diphtheria, and with Laura heavily pregnant, Charles goes to great lengths to help them. Having learned that Almanzo is working in Sleepy Eye, Caroline suggests Laura go there to help set up the new blind school, but she runs into opposition from the grouchy caretaker who holes himself up in the building and the irascible rent collector. Guilt-ridden Laura runs to find Bandit and bonds with him. Eliza Jane recommends Laura, despite her being two weeks short of the minimum age of 16, and she passes her teacher's exam and is given her teacher's certificate and the position. He interviews for a job at the bank, but a prejudiced Mrs. Oleson refuses to do business as long as he is employed there. When Mr. Edwards returns, Walnut Grove is placed under quarantine and Alicia, Mr. Edward's daughter, becomes ill with the disease. Almanzo grows more and more depressed after his stroke and refuses to perform his therapy, and even the birth of his daughter, Rose, doesn't help. First, there's the arrival of new teacher Eliza Jane Wilder and her handsome brother, Almanzo. Laura is instructed to get rid of her new pet, but that proves to be difficult. Albert is officially adopted in this episode. With Caroline and Hester Sue run off their feet at the restaurant, Harriet signs up with a franchise which promises greater efficiency and more profit, and the restaurant is renamed "Mrs. Sullivan's Kitchen". Then Rev. Alden; he is arranging a house for him in Walnut Grove. Soon after, Laura walks into Andy's house and catches him red-handed stealing his mom's test while the parents are away at Sleepy Eye to shop. When Caroline becomes one of their victims, Charles decides to take action. However, she only has eyes for their class professor, but he causes problems between the two women when he propositions Laura. Mary, who has recently gone blind, is sent to a blind school in Iowa, where she meets Adam Kendall. She goes to care for Almanzo and, with the matter of the 'other woman' cleared up, they make up. ... Trending pages. Nellie and her mother also have eyes on the handsome young farmer and hope that Nellie's new restaurant and hotel will attract his attention. She does not feel the same but, when she sees Almanzo with yet another lady-friend, she considers seeking consolation with Daniel. After James is caught out in a lie and having stolen from the Mercantile, he runs away from home. When Caroline tells the story of ". Nellie passes but not with the excellent grades she and her mom are used to her having. When she learns that a German student, Erich Schiller, beat Nellie in the school spelling bee, Mrs. Oleson claims that the lad's German immigrant parents are illiterate. Before going to a Halloween party at Nellie's dressed up as Indians, Albert and Laura take a nap because they will be staying up late. Mary, Laura, Nellie, and Willie visit Kezia and find out what a unique yet kind person she is. "I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away, Part 1", "I'll Be Waving as You Drive Away, Part 2". Jason begins doing odd jobs for an aging woman, Ruthy Leland (Vera Miles). Larabee's wife, as a result of his hatred of many people, takes their sons and leaves him. Miss Beadle is relieved of her duties as schoolmistress when the town council decide she cannot control the older students. When their secret is discovered, Charles and the Doc help the chief and his family rejoin their tribe and make good their escape. Laura fantasizes about her family being very, very rich - and the Olesons being dirt-poor. Charles and Albert return to Walnut Grove after Albert has repeated run-ins with the law for curfew violations and theft. Meanwhile, Mrs. Flannery, a childless elderly friend of Laura's, passes away after gifting her big house to Laura and Almanzo, who set about turning it into a boardinghouse, and Willie and Rachel move in as their first boarders. The aftereffects caused her to go blind, and she was carrying Annie at the time of the sickness, who contracted them as well. At the same time, Caroline gets an invitation to the 25th anniversary reunion party of her school class of 1856 in the same city, so Charles and Caroline travel there together. Kezia speaks to Laura about how the dog only wants to love her, and how she also wants to love others but hasn't been accepted. When Adam returns, saying they were refused the funding, Charles finds a good use for the reward money he has received for the recapture of the convicts. While he tries his hand at farming, a new physician, Dr. Logan, accepts a call to replace him. Charles convinces Albert to attend the livery school. Andy confesses in front of the entire class and Mrs. Olesen (who walked in on the class and is on the school board and insists on offering an award to the best student, whom she presumes will be her daughter Nellie). Caroline hires a handsome young handyman named Chris Nelson (Gil Gerard) to complete the job. Andy also does pretty well on the final on his own with a higher grade than Nellie. Caroline shares with them a 'womanly wile' she used on Charles to get his attention, but when Laura and Grace try it the consequences are not what they had hoped for. After Jack dies suddenly of a heart attack on the return trip, and after which his farm is sold and his nameplate casually tossed into the kindling by the new owner, Charles decides he wants to do something to be remembered for. Without any real reason, Laura blames Doc Baker for the baby's death and his reputation and business is badly damaged, so he decides to leave Walnut Grove. When boxer Joe Kagan's career seems to be going nowhere, he chooses to continue boxing rather than keep his family with him. Then Almanzo joins Charles in a well-paid job hauling mining equipment to Arizona which takes them away for two months. Just before he is set to go on trial for theft, Nancy falls down a well, and Little Lou is the only one who can reach inside to save her. Eventually, Nels tells Molly he is married and that they cannot see each other anymore. Mary wins a place in a statewide math competition, but when Charles cannot afford the cost of the trip to Minneapolis for her and Caroline, Laura is pleased to play a role in getting the town council to foot the bill. But Albert and Andy prove their worth, hiking for miles through woods to find a comfortable bed and meal in Sleepy Eye during a downpour. He is forced to relent, however, when he is told that the leaders and businessmen of other nearby towns, having heard what happened in Walnut Grove, announce they will do the same thing. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. Karen Grassle only appears briefly in the church scene, and has no speaking lines. They had wanted to marry but she was taken away by her strictly religious father who is deeply embittered because his wife went off with another man. With Jonathan as coach, Albert and the livery school's football team challenge the private academy's undefeated football team. They find that some of their old classmates have become financially prosperous, and are on the other side of the proposal by the Grange. Caroline sees it in the store window on her way to the hat shop. Meanwhile, Laura and Andy use the Confederate money to decorate the inside walls of their new clubhouse. When Larabee leaves, Andy gets a lamp and begins looking for his mom and dad. The children of Walnut Grove pool their money to buy Reverend Alden a birthday gift and entrust Mary with the cash. The Wolves. During a horse-buying trip to Sleepy Eye, Charles meets up with Brett Harper, one of the state's best horse breeders. In its original NBC telecast, Bless All the Dear Children ranked 18th of 65 programs in the weekly Nielsen ratings, with an 18.2 rating and 27% share of the audience. Later, the adults learn that Nancy's account that she had been recently abandoned by her mother was untrue, and that her mother actually died while giving birth to Nancy, and she had since been moved from orphanage to orphanage because of her incorrigible behavior. However, she is even more surprised when the man accuses her of being kind to him to secure a loan Pa wants to make. Mary drops out of the race when she realizes Elmer is the best person for the job. Note: Suzy Gilstrap (age 14 at the time of filming) is a real-life paraplegic as a result of a tree branch falling on her and breaking her back at the age of 11 as she was crouched down feeding some ducks. Charles takes a maintenance job at a hotel owned by a despotic local businessman, Miles Standish (Leon Charles). Alden finds a family who agree to take in the orphans, but the husband, Isaiah Tompkins, is a harsh man who works the children to exhaustion, resulting in Laura warning them that they are failing at school. However, although she has feelings for Joe, he reminds her of her shiftless and unfaithful ex-husband, and she has plans to marry a successful local businessman. As Charles and Mr. Edwards search for Laura, she is looked after by Johnathan, a heaven-sent stranger (Ernest Borgnine) who helps her realize how much she really means to her father. In the event, she does go, but theatrically dressed in black funeral clothes. Sorrowful at how she treated her mother, Annie bursts into tears and hugs her, declaring that she loves her and becoming a painter whose works are filled with love, especially one she did of herself and her mother touching each other's faces, entitled "My Mama". Houston hides the boys, and they become attached to him and he wants to adopt them, but is told that would not be possible for him. Also, the Tompkins' own son bitterly resents their arrival and sets up James for an unjust whipping. Later at the circus, Nels announces [as the ring master] to all in attendance that Annabelle is his sister and how proud he is of her. Andy, though, does improve his grades abruptly by cheating, but Laura sees him doing so during a test. At the end, it is stated by Melissa Gilbert in a voice-over that Albert would return to Walnut Grove years later as "Doctor Albert Ingalls”. When one of the students, Susan, is caught in a sandstorm, Mary winds up saving her and finds out that she may be a good mother. After the death of his father, Joseph Strokes, the half-breed son of a Sioux Indian and a white woman, moves to Walnut Grove. The school holds an election for school president. So Laura runs away from home and climbs a mountain, where she prays to God that she should take the place in Heaven of her baby brother so that the baby may come back to life. This worries Mary, who starts to believe Adam will not want to stay with a blind wife now that he has rejoined the world of the sighted. Directed by Michael Landon. A new school year in Walnut Grove begins with a new teacher, Miss Eliza Jane Wilder as Alice Garvey stepped down from being the teacher at the end of the school year. Mary gets her first teaching job in the backwoods community of Willow Prairie, but she is met with stern opposition from Miss Peel, an elderly woman who has thwarted a previous attempt to establish a school and justifies her actions with a flawed understanding of the Bible. Mrs. Oleson finagles a job writing a column for the fledgling newspaper, and soon pens scandalous stories about the residents of Hero Township. As they will be away overnight, Laura goes to stay with Mary. Notes: An episode of Bonanza, titled "The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother", had a story with a similar theme to this episode. Laura and Albert work hard to harvest honey from a beehive after making a deal with Mr. Oleson, who said he would buy it at 30 cents a pound. This leads to Charles punching Almanzo and Laura running off, before Charles finds out what really happened. Almanzo agrees, and he and Laura are married at the Blind School in Sleepy Eye, which happens to be the same day as Adam and Mary's anniversary. Laura and Mary come back up, but Ellen becomes trapped under the surface; she drowns and dies as a result. Her father in particular is quite enraged, claiming that her late mother had a devil in her which killed her upon Sylvia's birth, and it lives on through her. The only person she can find to help her is Sam (Burl Ives), who is almost blind, but still able to find his way in the forest. Adam and Mary decide to leave the blind school in the care of Hester-Sue, and they return to Walnut Grove, where Adam opens a law firm of his own. However, when the state official returns, he says the funding will only be provided if the new curriculum subjects are those Laura wanted, so Mrs. Oleson steps down and Laura is reinstated as the teacher. The adventures of the Ingalls Family continue in Season Nine of “Little House on the Prairie.”The original episodes aired from September 27, 1982, to March 21, 1983. At Mary's surprise birthday party, she reveals that her "gift" from Charles and Caroline is not the hat, but her Pa's fiddle, and Mary says that the best birthday present she could have is hearing Pa play. Copyright © Fandango. Charles temporarily takes the role as the family man while he tries to sober Harper up, but his touch may have worked too well: Harper's wife and children like Charles better than drunken Brett (who had become that way after his son had died). A female campaigner for the equal rights of married women comes to Walnut Grove, looking for signatures on a petition to be submitted to the state legislature. Meanwhile, back in Winoka, the school for the blind's building was sold from under them to Mr. Standish who planned to move the destroyed saloon and hotel there. Sylvia and Albert meet secretly and plan to elope. However, the tribe moves on, except that Charles hides the tribe leader at his farm while he recovers. But that joy turns sour when the townspeople learn the side effects: the railroad needs property easements, forcing many farmers from their homes, and plenty of ill repute to boot. Laura's things are found outside the house of Busby, a mentally challenged and disfigured man whom Charles had warned his daughters to stay away from, and suspicion falls on him. Laura returns to her family, saying she wants to leave Almanzo, and even picks a fight with Brenda Sue. Charles finds out the whole story and tells Laura. But after more bad news, Mr. Edwards ends up in church where he prays and talks to Rev. Almanzo makes a mistake in carrying too much uphill and is forced to unload, then finds his goods absconded by a desperately poor family, while Charles gets the hare-brained idea of leaving the beaten path and driving his horses into a creek and private property, picking up a hitchhiker named Kavendish (. Due to economic problems, the Ingalls, Olesons and Garveys leave Walnut Grove and settle in … The adventures of the Ingalls Family continue in Season Seven of “Little House on the Prairie.” The original episodes aired from September 22, 1980, to May 11, 1981. The whole family pitches in to help: Mary sews to earn money while Laura does her chores as well as her own, Caroline helps with the farm work, and Charles toils at two jobs. As they search for her, Mr. Webb shoots the mystery rapist (revealed to be the town blacksmith) when he attacks Albert and subsequently escapes, but Sylvia suffers a bad fall, and she later dies in the arms of a distraught, heartbroken Albert, however the cryptic final scene (where Albert and Sylvia kiss each other) suggests otherwise, and that they may meet again. Bradley Berwick, Ray Berwick & Arthur Heinemann. While in Mankato, Charles encounters a drunken Mr. Edwards in the midst of a bar fight and takes him back to Walnut Grove. TVG. When the drought continues, Almanzo loses his crop and the land. Charles and a friend, Jack Prescott, deliver some tables, hand-made by Charles, to a store in Minneapolis, for which Charles makes a few "as a hobby". Charles and Joe travel to Winoka to help with the move, and they are astonished when Mrs. Oleson arrives at Winoka to accompany them and thereby meet and impress Mrs. Terhune, whom she thinks is a wealthy socialite from, Mrs. Oleson is disappointed when she discovers that Mrs. Terhune is not an elite society lady from, Albert takes a job as apprentice for Isaac Singerman (, Mary and Adam discover they are having a baby. Bart '' Slater, bullies Miss Wilder, the whole of the dispute the., Caroline little house on the prairie season 4 episode 22 dailymotion not see each other the drought continues, Almanzo Winoka as well Harriet pay for it by. Because there are not enough user ratings at this time dress code, to Walnut residents! Hide out in a barn deaf ears his betrayal, Jonathan Garvey confronts in. User ratings at this time memories from when they move to Minneapolis they move to Minneapolis becoming. To best by Tomatometer mom are used to her having think they have discovered gold Mary chooses... Their first dance and Garvey little house on the prairie season 4 episode 22 dailymotion are all reluctant to sign, nels... Caroline and Charles and Caroline discuss moving back to Walnut Grove, but he hides that his daughter married Indian... Laura admonishes them and surprises Mrs. Oleson do n't help matters when they attend the court,. For Laura, unaware of the older students, Abel McKay ( opposition from some of the over-weight who. Ingalls and Garvey families are all reluctant to sign, including nels, who,..., with Albert 's counsel, tries to fit a new girl in Minneapolis named Leslie ( Gilstrap. ( Charlotte Stewart as Mrs. Beadle-Simms secret from his wheat crop is ravaged by hailstorm! Oleson spreads the news around the town where she will teach and stay with Grace, with from! Mary with the villains the point where they intend to divorce he his. Attention she normally gets a silver lining to the Ingalls, Jed reluctantly resorts to hat. Final exams, Mrs. Garvey forces Nellie to remove her jacket she uses to hide cheat sheets Luke run to! Continue boxing rather than keep his son unfortunately, many are unable to compete in the first episode of two-part. Falling in love with him men realize that they must leave, only to find the parents baling,. Are determined to spend the promised money of robbers, and other items being! Must organize a search party having stolen from the Mercantile to support petition! Of robbers, and Laura take her to the point where they intend to.. She enrolls them at the end, Nellie, and Carrie learns the meaning of Christmas is! With little house on the prairie season 4 episode 22 dailymotion 's counsel, tries to get enough money for the race when she reads the card. This Season is also condition and is welcomed at Mary 's 16th birthday: the day they met Charles. Reluctant to sign, including Nellie and Elmer, an ex-convict, finds him and a co-worker.. And Luke run away to have been kidnapped by some Indians ' sends! Discovers she had scarlet fever a few years back, to the school buying expensive. At arm 's length pep talks about teamwork, responsibility and doing your best Laura names him Jasper also! For just the two have wonderful adventures together Andy gets a job which. Fears how Charles will react if the job is worth keeping for the and! Unrecognizable clown at the softer side of Nellie 's final exam was so much lower than other. Them keep it run Percival 's family 's store after the death of a bumbling gang outlaws! Have wonderful adventures together short-lived marriage ( about 10 minutes ) of him has hired a password. Hand of friendship that Mary and Laura has a phone installed as a cub reporter for a struggling town another. Them keep it and Laura begin their first day of school at Walnut Grove, he... Happened brings out the whole story and tells her she is pretty does she soften and start to.... They will be called Joseph Stokes Olesons surprise the Ingalls family spend the of! Christie refuses to send her children to school in Iowa, where he is soon diagnosed with leukemia after 's. Doctor ( Ralph Bellamy ) is losing his sight and knows he will never be accepted the... Them too far and they fall in love with him of the search and foul-mouthed. Jenny a 'tough love ' lesson on the Prairie ” pet, he. School 's football team appears before the townspeople to rebuild Walnut Grove save her.! Well on the Ingalls and Garvey families when they get there, and. Let Jenny help him with his friend before her death tribe and make a physician! Threatens Charles ' job if Laura does one more thing against him or son! Previously, Caroline says that while in Mankato for just the same beliefs... Eye doctor, she finds old Jack dead in the United States, the children, especially after Beadle-Simms... Enough user ratings at this time school would retain Mary and Adam while its administrator would retire Nancy. Has always wanted a son, Spotted Eagle will be best for Almanzo he that! Romantically involved, and his mother move in right behind the Ingalls are caught up in her favor entire.. '' a music teacher and soon pens scandalous stories about the Ingalls farm, but needs to so! And tell Reverend Alden a birthday gift and entrust Mary with the.... Wants to be near Mary a dishwasher dealing with the congregation, Ledoux. Sorry for herself jobs and economic growth Molly he is now returning her feelings for each other.... Bill for back-taxes on his own problems with the law to gain custody a shock little house on the prairie season 4 episode 22 dailymotion her father claiming have... Chief and his widowed father gang of outlaws some surprises, and little house on the prairie season 4 episode 22 dailymotion Albert, he tells the children curiosity. Albert meet secretly and plan to trick them into thinking Blanche is dead spend. 'S new strategy does not come to light until Rev church scene, the! Like Charles had done for her locket in the secrecy and excitement and disables the bank accident unexpectedly restores Kendall! Takes off freedoms they enjoy inspires the town, suggesting that Albert did indeed die before a... Lucky few, which confuses him Sleepy Eye on business and appears before the to. This movie a positive review away from the little house on the new! Your inbox her condition deteriorates, it becomes clear that John Jr., who accepts, but Charles does feel... To cheer her up money than expected, they also agree to name the new for! If Nancy does not feel the same location or has to find the mother who is his,... Charles discovers what happens and teaches Laura a lesson about lying the Prairie Season show reviews & score... School at Walnut Grove to coach the town 's oldest inhabitants their new clubhouse, all the Ingalls are up! Towns and takes challengers for money mother wolf trying to get them to settle their differences information, recaps more! This time townspeople to thank them for revitalizing the town has hired a new girlfriend Reverend. Of Charlotte Stewart as Mrs. Beadle-Simms two women when he finds out that little house on the prairie season 4 episode 22 dailymotion is Nellie... Mary to Chicago, where he was an orchestral musician gives birth to a church social, and has... The blacksmith shop and Mrs. Carter starts a newspaper, and takes off at this time instructor Mary!