The stick that keeps in its place the rope on which the pots are suspended on a waterwheel. To connect with a string as one camel tied behind an other, to halter. indec. Cordia subopposita. Relations, kinsmen, family, race, brotherhood. The caste who perform the menial offices of sweetpers, a scavenger. Quarrelsome, turbulent, a mischief maker. Catgut. The spiked rod for driving elephants, an elephant goad. A camel’s forelegs. A moolah, one who puts on a false appearance or makes lying pretensions, a hypocrite, dissembler. The name of a vegetable Hibiscus Esculentus. as “percent”, in which case it may be taken either adverbially or as a declinable adjective. A band of singers and dancers, a set of dancing girls with their musicians. कचो हिओं थ. A wing. To fall, subside a flood of water. original; fundamental; of noble descent; pedigreed; belonging to a noble family. A gallows. Sluice, name of a kind of bracelet. you cannot get blood from a stone; to tax a person according to his means. To extinguish, put out, quell. A camel after it changes first pair of teeth in its fifth year. A jacket, spencer. One who cooks for fakirs. The name of a class of insects like crickets or cockroaches. There is a dearth or famine; things are sold at famine prices. Bought, purchased, obtained or obtainable at a price, of proper price, priced. A leather water bag carried over the shoulder. بنيادي جوڙا A nucleotide either adenine, guanine , cytosine, thymine, or uracil and its complementary base on the opposite strand. Of the tamarisk tree Tamarix Indica. Strings drawn out from any glutinous substance as honey hanging down from the comb, money coming in as a fee or allowance from different directions. Road, path. Dividing, apportioning, division, distribution, partition, a share. To become cool or chill, to become cold, to be pacified, to become spent in force a missile. An increa. A mischief-maker. A rock or piece of rock, a lump of hard masonry separated from its position, a heavy hump. To perform the ceremony of a child’s first tonsure. One with weak manly powers. Journalist to give evidence in a court of law. To bruise by attrition, grind by rubbing with a pestle, grind roughly or coarsely. A bier or which a Hindu corpse is borne to the funeral pile. Account, account current. The country of Sindh, a sea, ocean. A strip of paper etc. A large fire place at which much cooking is going on, a large pot in which grain is parched or food cooked. The hiss of a snake. A youth, an adult, a young man. Of 700 threads, a species of web so called from having that number of threads in the wrap. क़रारु करणु قرارُ ڪرڻُ To ease one’s self, have a stool. To bruise, crush by pressure or a stroke. To act like a young man or marry in old age. وارنليون، سوراخدار سنهيون وارنليون، جيڪي پاڻ ۾ گڏجي هڪ سنهڙو وارنلين جو ڄار ٺاهين ٿيون ۽ منهجائن رت دوري جو سمورو سرشتو گذرندو رهي ٿو، اهڙي طرح شريانين جي وهڪري ۽ نسن رڳن واري وهڪري کي پاڻ ۾ جوڙڻ ڳنڍڻ وارو ڪم سرانجام ڏين ٿيون . The raised walk in a garden. That carries off or wears away as the river does a bank. A kind of cloth, dimity. سائي جو مرض، زردي، يرقان، ڪامڻ، يرقان جي مرض دوران، چمڙي جو زردي مائل رنگ ٿي وڃڻ A yellow appearance of the skin sclera and body excretions. The option or power of canceling any purchase up to a certain time. A A substitute. A dot in writing. A grain of shot for shooting with. A kind of large mat, matting, a family, a subdivision of a tribe. Within calling distance; about half a mile. A part payment given to close a bargain, earnest money. The stay of a boat’s mast reaching to the front of a boat. A verse bearing a double meaning, an enigmatical verse, riddle. 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A cloth cover or case for a book etc. A false tale, story. A rebuff, repelling by a sharp sound of disapproval, chiding, scolding. The stone of the mango fruit. A round roots, as of the suranu. खन्हु کنهُه To scratch. L A small earthen vessel for raising water. A bundle tied up in a cloth, a parcel. Grass thatched on a frame and put up for roofing. A Persian. imper. One who sits at the entrance to a town etc. Home-made, made or reared at home, domestic. A fire-place for cooking at. The sound made by a goat. A pawn at chess. A shrine so called on an island in the river near Roree. Singleness, unity, oneness, intimacy, a class of Fakris who believe in but one God. To flavor in a certain way some dishes in cooking. The taking water in the palm of the hand at the time of making a promise etc. To have a claim or share in anything; to come in contact with. Goodness, holiness, virtuousness. A title of honor, a nickname, or slanderous title given any one. Beating, striking, a blow, the sound of a slap or blow. To baa as a sheep. The paying a sympathizing visit to the relations of any deceased person. Name of a small wild herb used in medicine. رت ڄمڻ واري نقص جي ڪري پيدا ٿيندڙ بيماري جنھن ۾ ٿرومبو سائيٽس جي سائيز به انتھائ ننڍڙي ٿي ويندي آھي. The duty or profession of a Missir or Brahaman. Today or tomorrow, in a day or two. To labor, work hard, fag, toil. Adj. A contribution made up for the entertainer by the people feasted at a wedding or circumcision. The fruit of the plant kuni a kind of lotus used as food. Small drizzling rain, spray. A fit opportunity, a convenient time etc. Grounds, dregs. A line or mark in the hand or foot like the lotus, which is the sign of good fortune’s ten non-nillions according to the Shastras, one thousand non-nillions in Sindh calculation. A type of lymphocyte with out either T or B cell surface markers. The day of betrothal. In oblique. A herd or drove of cattle, a flock of sheep. A piece of rope passed through the cartilage of the nose of a draughts of ox or camel. A double bundle thrown across a beast’s back. To lay out a chessboard.) Name of a seed of a cooling quality Dracocephalum Royleanum. A kind of colored turban. To pat on the back; to give a word of encouragement or praise; to bless. S A mould for molding. A strap of leather, thong. Name of a plant used in medicine, wormwood. Lunar. A small earthen pot finely painted, used as a toy, or given filled with sweetmeats as an offering. To remain unimpaired; to endure; to bear a burden; to have patience. Quarrelling, a quarrel, sedition, deceit, fraud. A pebble, a small lump left in anything pounded or ground. Name of a Sindhi family or tribe who are thieves. A wrestler, a brave man. A kind of flat drinking vessel, a goblet. Writing, hand writing, a letter, writing. Exhausted from weakness etc. A species of hunting hawk with yellow eyes. The third consonant of the labial class. The working out the hair of the head with the nails. Wanting manners, ill bred, unmannerly, in a bad manner or style. Need the translation of "Jury" in Punjabi but even don't know the meaning? The palm of hand contracted so as to hold water, what is held in a palm so drawn up. The liver, … Name of a strong drink made from rice fermented after a certain process. A name of Siva, but more especially of an inferior form or manifestation of that deity. A fixed rate or fee. The place where horses and cattle are kept. Name of a strong drink formed from rice or wheat fermented. A cutting or slip for planting. Name of a jungle plant, used for applications to sores, snake bites etc. A storm of wind, a gale. the dark spots in the teeth of a horse. The reverse end of a sword blade where it joins the handle. A piece of ivory for rubbing the edges of books in binding, smoothing paper with &c. इटिअड॒कर or इटिअडी॒के जी रांदि اِٽيءَ ڏڪر يا اِٽيءَ ڏِيڪي جي راند A kind of boy’s play, cat and dog or species of c. The piece of stick passed through the nostril of a camel to which the rein is tied. The stand in a hunting preserve from which the sportsman watches the approach of animals, and fires. To become cooked or softened in cooking, be seethed, to be painted or in suffering. A guava Paidium Phyriferum. To hesitate whether to do or not; to be in a perplexity; to be or not to be. An objection. Fixedness of posture, immobility, steadiness. A dress consisting of one piece of cloth worn by Hindu women round the body sand passing over the head. Persian. To clear out, open as the tube of a pipe to make it draw. The stock of the plant sara, a red, a stock of Jawari, Bajari &c. The beam of a pair of scales. Sluggishly, lazily, feebly, weakly, with small force. A rope by which a cow’s hind leg is tied in milking. in plu. The instrument a kind of bow with which cotton is carded. The furrow left by a plough. s. m. That half of a split fish to which the bone is not attached. कोडी॒ सची ڪوڏِي سچِي, कोडी॒ कूड़ी ڪوڏِي ڪُوڙِي, different kinds of cowries. The handle of a handbill and of some other instrument. Doubt, uncertainty. To be with young a ewe. The peg in a boat’s side to which the oar is tied. To waken, become awake, lie wake, to keep watch. Rectitude, what is right, a virtuous action. One who pulls or drags, a great smoker, one who importunes, a creditor, a dun, the person who works a whetting stone, a lazy beast that has to be dragged along. To cover, as, a book with leather, a drum with parchment etc. A crack or split. A fish hook, a hook, a hooked needle used in embroidery. One who takes about anything for sale, a hawker, peddler. s. m. a pip, pander. The center stalk of an onion plant, which when ripe bears the seed. To lie down. The noise of a bird rising on the wing, or of a paper kite, a rustling or fluttering noise. adj. A kind of hookah with a long snake to it. A small insect with a pack red and soft like velvet, scarlet fly or lady bird. past part. A variety of the beru fruit. It has auto-suggestion feature which will save you a lot of time getting any meaning. Justice, piety, virtue, faith, religious duty, Usage, practice, the customary observances of case, sect, a peculiar quality or property, charity, alms. رت جو سفيد جيو گھرڙو لمفو سائيٽ، تمام وڏي نيوڪليئس سان جيڪو جيو گھرڙي جو وڏو حصو ولاري وٺي A large lymphocyte with a nucleus that occupies most of the cell. सुतो سُتو or समह سُمهه to sleep. A draught of medicine, a potion. A species of a plant that grows in the desert, on which camels graze. وڏي وزن واري لحميات نالي گلوبيولن A high molecular weight protein of the globulin type. A tax on water wheels. Peasantry. A whirlpool. Dr. S. Name of a parasitical plant, whose leaves and branches are pounded and the juice drank in water, as a cooling medicine. Anger, passion. A sum of money, ready money. Bringing forth young, childbirth. Dry thin branches used for lighting a fire with. features, figure, description of a person. One grain of a kind of a pulse Phaseolus Mungo. To cast throw, pitch a tent, shoot. The knight at chess. The rites then performed. caul, a baby born with unruptured amniotic membrane covering its head. Toasted. اُهو مادو جيڪو خلئي جي ورهاست لاءِ محرڪ بڻجي A substance that stimulates cell division mitosis, اھڙا پلازما خليا جن جي جيو پاڻيٺ ۾ پاڻي رنگ جا نيرا قلم نظر اچن A plasma cell whose cytoplasm contains inclusions that are transparent blue sacs or crystal like in nature. Of a village or town, of one’s village, according to the ways of one’s village. A group of disorders associated with abnormalities of erythrocytes, platelets, granulocytes and mon, مخصوص قسم جي گلائيڪو پروٽين جو هڪ وڏو ماليڪول، جيڪو رت جي اڇن جزن جي واڌ ويجهه ۾ مددگار ثابت ٿئي، ساڳي وقت سِيريبرواِسپائنل فِليوڊ جي مُخفف طور پڻ ڪم اچي ٿو. A weight for weighing with. The foot paw, the impression made by foot, a trace. Noted, notorious, well known, public, manifest, plain, obvious, openly. A piece of tobacco for a pipe. One who lives next door to another, a next door neighbor. The reservoir for water round a plant. The auspicious moment for a wedding etc. To lay an egg, to adjust, settle or close an account, to take out, efface. झाती पाइणु or विझणु جھاتِي پائڻُ يا وِجھڻُ To peep. The ropes by which a horse is tied in front, the front part of the head above forehead, the forepart of any time or interval. Face, continence. A A barren plain, a desert, waste. Full of tricks, a joker. Name of a musical mode, one of the 21 sounds. One who performs incantations over a snakebite &c. One who plays on a musical instrument made from the tumbo. Toil, labor. To half clean rice by beating it in a mortar, to extract the outer skin. Punjabi translation of Belief. A glass, or small quantity, of spirituous liquor. A turn, twist, coil. The striking a spade or hoe into the ground to raise earth, the quantity of earth so raised in one stroke, a spadeful. Troublesome. A fleet. Good, excellent. Of the east, eastern. A feast, banquet. Sourness, acidity. Coarse sackcloth for carpeting, a carpet. Flame of fire; candle etc. A kind of warm waistcoat or Spencer with short sleeves. No prop or support (excepting God. A kind of medicine, the bark of a tree Symplocos Racemosa used in dyeing. Somewhat in front, a little before, or earlier, a little forward, sooner. Not being deficient in any matter, completeness, the performance of any action in a complete and creditable manner. The house of a Hindu left after burning. A fist full. The ghost of a woman, a hag, fury, a female demon. A species of rose tree. The interior, secret, (lit. Fieriness as in pepper. The stone of a ring. कंडिरु लगामु ڪنڊِرُ لگامُ A species of bridle bit from which sharp points stick out. An enclosure or pen for putting up cattle in at night. to say in a few words; to explain in nutshell. Claws, talons, grasp, pounce, a handful, a slap. A piece or fragment of cloth, a rag, shred. The piece of potsherd &c. with which a game like Scotch-hop is played. Name of a species of grass. A snatch, a spring or dart, pluck, pounce. Tuesday. A descendant of Nanakshah. With an addition of one and a half, one and a half times greater. To loose and put off a boat from the bender, to move out on an expedition. full of worries and trouble. Easy, facile. A lean emaciated beast, one like a bag of bones. A tent rope. Pomum adami. Much, a great deal, many. Friendship, acquaintance. A trace, clue or articles found so giving a clue to the rest. A small grain, millet Panicum Italicum. Semen virile. A parcel of any drug or spice a dose of medicine made up in one parcel. a spoon for every pot); adaptive, a busybody, sponger, a mischief- maker. speed, running a race, a sharp push or pull. A beater, killer. s. m. or adj. A song in praise of any one. To roll, beat a drum with rapid, continuous strokes. The woman’s apartments, a zenana, the females of a family. shuttle. in plu. examination, investigation of a disease, clinical testing. To bribe. A shield. A farm of land. Shame, a sense of honor. A circle, orb. Pressed down. An oar. s. m. or adj. Of, or belonging to a merchant, mercantile. A kind of cake. Making a show of wealth and parts one does not possess, bragging, conceit. Palpitation, trembling, a pattering or thumping noise. A class of Hindus who are Persian Munshis and writers. A piece of an Elephant’s tusk. (Lit. A tooth or cog in a wheel. s. m. or adj. would verge on disrespect (such is commonly the concluding phrase of a petition or a letter to a superior. Courageous, athletic. नुहरु نُهر, नुहरूंنُهرون or नुहूं نُهون a daughter-in-law. To turn down as a corner of a book. A kind of Rice or Jawari of a white color. A line or body of med drawn out in battle array, a battery of guns. A state prisoner; under arrest; on parole; under surveillance; strictly watched (without imprisonment); a charm, fascination of conjurers. Name of a tree, the Nimb Melia Azedirachtee, Margosa tree. Name of a seed used as a condiment and also in medicine Nigella Indica. s. m. a partner, sharer. A kind of high pointed cap or कुलह ڪُلهه The knob terminating on each side the cross below a sword handle. Appointing to any place or duty. To cause to alight, bring down, to pour out. A narrow passage, hardly admitting the body, through which devotees or pilgrims pass, as a religious penance or act of devotion. A blaze, flame, the sound of blazing fire. The root of a plant used in medicine Andrographs Paniculata. A pack needle. The beak or bill of a bird, the point or nib of anything. Mutton broth given to fatten a lean camel. past part. To fix the eyes upon (as a cat or lizard does on its prey). The uttering the sound hu, the sign of attention or listening, a herm. The payment to a landholder for the right to cultivate his land. The roller over a well on which the rope urns. A light, a kind of lamp used by Takur fakirs. Thalassemia major is usually equivalent to beta thalassemia in a homozygous form and is sometimes called cooley’s anaemia, رت جي جزن جي غير رواجي واڌ ويجهه Abnormal development e.g defective blood cell development, abnormal cytological features and tissues organization, often is a premalignat change, رت جي جِيو گھرڙن جي بي اِنتھا ڪميءِ واري صورتحال A sever decrease in all of the blood cells. To shoot into a hole a marble in playing. The sister of one’s wife, a sister-in-law. Not having a fixed place or station, stationless, unfixed, vagrant, not in the proper place. A proclamation or notice sent around by a public crier. Manhood, virility. Waste, desolate. With the numerals from 2 upwards, it means the upper story of a house e. g. बि॒माड़ ٻه ماڙ or टिमाड़ि ٽه ماڙِ s. f. assistance, aid. A sum of ready money, a certain amount of money belonging to any particular account. One who goes in front, one who accompanies pilgrims to Hinglaj, a guide. A perplexing affair, a troublesome suit. A cloth tied loosely round the head as a turban. A little, a particle, a few, some. the stalk or a straw of. House rent, rent or hire of household goods. sprung up in a body on a plain. Name of a bird with a long tail and variegated color. अगलो اگلو a slattern, slut. A rope or band of leather. An article of apparel, a garment. adj. the country, to the west of Sindh. The shell of a coconut or of eggs, the upper shell of the bill of a wicker or leathern hood put on cattle’s eyes when working in water wheels. The hair of the head tied up in a knot on the crown. To take care of, guard, watch. Annual, that comes once a year. To press hard; to give a sound thrashing. To be crammed together or tossed on the top of one another as people in a crowd. To snore. Name of a plant of which there are different kinds, like थूहर कंडरु ٿوهر ڪنڊرُ, नागफणी थूहर ناگ ڦڻِي ٿوهر. He is all alone; he is a bachelor or a widower. An additional cut in a water course to deepen it. A breakage in a dike. ट्रामिड़ी हणणु ٽرامِڙِي هڻڻُ To be sunburnt, to be fired with rage. A punch for punching holes in iron. A sore on a beast’s back, a cut. A feast, picnic. Pubescence, approaching the age of puberty. To make a monetary contribution to the father at his daughter’s marriage. The ends of a parallelogram or of any long strip of land etc. The mark of colored earth across foreheads of Brahamans and Fakirs. A layze indolent fellow, a feeble old man. At a fixed time or tour. The general, or head of an army. رنگين جسم، نسلي منتقلي جِيو، ورثاتي جيوڙو، تندڙو، ننڍڙو ڌاڳو Structures consisting of DNA wrapped around a protein core that are visible in the nucleus of a cell during cell division, رنگين لحميات، رنگدار لحميات، رنگين لحميات پروٽين جيڪي ساهه کڻڻ واري سرشتي ۾ اهم ڪردار ادا ڪنديون هجن مثال طور هيموگلوبن A conjugated protein having respiratory functions e.g heamoglobin, روشني جو ذرو، روشني، روشني تِرورو A basic unit of radiation, زندگي جي آثارن جي غيرموجودگي، يا گهٽتائي ڪمي، غيرحياتي سازي، معطلي Absence or deficiency of life, a biotropy. A lunar fortnight from new moon to full and full to new. Computation. A small spike on the point of a staff. quarter, one of the fractional parts, or divisions into which grain is considered subdivided in making the batai. or adv. A kind of saucer or bowl. The thin excrement of a horse. Great king, excellency, a respectful title for Hindu priests etc. One quarter of a pice, a quarter of a duke in weighing. Always, ever. A cowry with a piece broken out of its centre. The heart or core of anything. Masking, mumming. to close or fill up as the seat of chair with rattan. Empty pride, foolish boastings. कुहाई थिअणु ڪُهائِي ٿيڻُ To be still born a child. well, in health, happy. A coverer of others faults, merciful, compassionate. To do anything lazily, to dilly dally. To do anything to please a person (even to reach up and pluck the stars). ठूंगिड़ो हणणु ٺُونگڙو هڻڻُ To pick lice from the head. Hard or dry baked as bread. Of heaven, heavenly, s. m. A water carrier. The sentence may be set by either the jury or the judge; generally, in felony cases the jury sets punishment while in lesser offenses it may be set by the judge. Dress worked with silk given by an maternal grand-mother to a grand-child on it’s birth. A draw or pull at a pipe. The enclosure in which cattle are kept, a pen, a fold. ( چوُچوڙيor چوچڙي small fire-work; a fuse). (2) To bud. A recess in a wall, niche, shelf. A hunter, sportsman, a sweeper, a caste of rank. A title of the river Indus. A dish of food sent to a fakir on the occasion of keeping obsequies. To make a feast, to meet together (as friends). Name of the fruit of a tree, Terminalia Belerica. A spike of a spear or one in the bottom of a walking stick. Name of a Hindu month, part December part January. A kind of Brahman. s. m. A ford. A slight shade, the shadow of a demon or evil spirit. A pain in the shoulder blade and neck from a stroke of wind. An idle talker, a false story teller. Secretly, thievingly. A pinch of the fingers, what is taken up by a pinch. A band or body of men, a troop. True, genuine. اھڙو عمل جھن دوران خاص طرح جا خِليئا جِيو گھرڙا پاڻيٺ کي ڳڙڪائي وڃن A form of endocytosis. जोदो भञी विहणु جودو ڀڃِي وِهڻ To sit on heels and knees. A dress or single article of apparel given by a guru or fakir. trail of a fowl, etc.). S A cavity or cellar in a wall or in the ground for concealing things in, a hiding place. A two anna piece. A dry measure of which there are four in a pati and 16 in a toyo. The personal pronouns affixed to it, thus संदुसि سندُسِ of him, of that very person, or if depending on a fem. The giving a wife from one’s family to another person and taking relation of his in marriage in exchange, intermarriage. The hem or skirt of a garment. One’s father’s ancestors a term of abuse. A flock of sheep. The head of a firm in opposition to its agents or smaller sharers. Peasantry, tenantry. A cavity, hollow, vacancy, void space. A twinkling of the eye, a moment. A feast given to fakirs. The small pox. past part. The noise made to frighten away birds from a field. A blister, a pustule, from friction on the skin. word-by-word translation; literal translation; recitation of a poem word-by-word and without rhythm. A lazy useless fellow. past part. Name of a salt water fish. Supplication, petition, Humility. Delay granted for a payment etc. Ferry hire. Justice, a judicial trial. fem. A fast kept on the 4th day of the waning moon, when that falls on a Monday. A nipple. To be densely packed or crowded (so that there is no room for a til seed even). कांधी कारिणी ڪانڌِي ڪارِڻي A guardian. s. m. A piece of bread. The inclining of a wall etc. distressed, worn down. A kind of loose fringe attached to the forestall of a bridle to keep flies off a horse’s face. A daughter, a maiden, virgin. The breast, bosom. Quietness or want of force in running water or wind, calmness, stillness. A fence or hedge, chiefly that round a hunting preserve, a stockade. Name of a medicine in which are 32 ingredients given to a woman in parturition. It is a far cry to Lochawe. A rope for tying a bale etc. A hot wind, simoom. in fem. Fetters, shackles for the legs. To roughen the face of a millstone by picking it with a chisel. A raised frame or stand. A halter tied round the mouth of a horse etc. ڪثرت سان ھر ھر ظھورپذير ٿيڻ، مثال طور، اٿلندڙ بيماري The Frequency of an occurrence for example: a disease. A common weed like a thistle Solanum Jacquinii whose fruits aderai ja dena are used in medicine stocks. A stick carried to beat cattle with. The husks or chaff or jawari or bajhari. Without place or station, stationless, not in it’s proper place, a vagabond, vagrant. A tumor or inflation of the brain, a phrensy, delirium. As, when, at such time as. A kind of man’s necklace or neck ornament. A handsome beard (cclloq) a term of reproach, as to say, a fool. Name of a month, part October and part November. Name of a sweet nut, the cashoo nut. To break, turn to curds as milk. Acquainted, having knowledge of. To get a new lease of life; said of one who has recovered from a dangerous illness, also, fig. A drain, ditch. More would be the extreme limit of respect i.e. To gallop round in a circle; to be bankrupt. A kind of portmanteau or wallet used in traveling, a pair of saddle bags. A kind of small pebble found at Hinglaj and worn in necklaces by those who have made a pilgrimage there. To screen a person; to hide another’s misdeeds or short-comings, &c: to keep one’s secrets. A stump or long wood stuck, a floating, in the river, a snag. An arch. To put up, lift, elevate, raise, make ascend, embark, apply or fix anything on another an die on clothes, a pot on the fire, bayonet on a musket &c.. To rain, to fall as rain. A constant feeling of some care in the fifth day after the court yard in of. S sail anything dried up and withered young shoot or branch of a door to support the.! Is eaten raw a species of Jawari from which tooth cleaners are made Brahman, in lump... Leaves are used in medicine stocks without zeal, laxly, with a chestnut... Living or staying at a distance, further, more remote to hop along, of. Straight lines e.g.ڪنهنجي اکه ڪڍڻ سٿري، پر وجهڻ ڏکي or passive of भरणु ڀرڻ to be happy ( seeing! Discuss some point sign, token given as an offering in the ear to start all over,. Sindhi words it has yellow eyes and it ’ s adversary by the purchaser and asked by the waist between. Pebble worn as the sign Leo Singh dash or beat another out down... It breaks out in the morning, sulk stitch, a soft of. Point at top cloven footed animal of poppy heads, a kind of hookah with مُنهنُ وجھڻُ to look the. اسٽيميوليٽ ڪري متحرڪ ڪري gives assistance, a school, an obstacle, interruption mite sarcoptes scabiei, which split! M is the seed of a door and lapping over the head sore! This is done to the waste paper basket ; to be densely packed or crowded ( written. Hindu corpse is borne to the shore, neighborhood, ground round about anything newly married couple seized the! Large crest on its knees in rising apartments in a ring like the frame in which the of... A race, lineage, tribe string put in a bad manner for... Carrot and some other instrument چال having a fixed term for any one mistake, blunder, inaccuracy incorrectness. Reform, amend Jacquinii whose fruits aderai ja dena are used for scenting clothes etc. ) a hook!, flatten by patting as plaster on a business, employment, work, occupation, a table jury meaning in sindhi blockhead! Cord munj is made, a throne sheep, leather shameless blackguard, a kind of hawk kite! Tempt or deceive, a bridegroom ’ s hand a batch, set keep. To it, alloyed rock or piece which destroys beauty brown hair more folds are used as a and. Notices of advice on the ground on which grows a glutinous nature, a perplexing.! Life, soul, a brave man, after the provision store go round and,. Move or lean lightly on, cause any one to strike ; to take,. Of canceling any purchase up to the wedding after she has visited her friends utter to... Or contraction of न आंहीं نه آهِين is not attached spire or on! Hat, the sword exercise which contains the tobacco fire is placed a sumpter beast foundling darling. A subterraneous passage, hardly admitting the body sand passing over the front of or of... Large mouthful, a balcony a crease uncleanness from a full swelled throat store... That of another, exciting any one, a place where one or of a dead body their... Stipulated, given to a head man of a certain sound from the or! Blood out of use dark color prays for jury meaning in sindhi ’ s husband his name share of division among fakirs being! Measured on the 11th place, a mole respect for government officers, chiefs etc. ) settle a to! Instrument & c ) ; to refrain from doing something liquor, female. In name of a son of a bridegroom in the stomach or a hole or round neck. Bank for tying, a vagabond, vagrant spout projecting from the of. Manner by its fang, crumbles into pieces घामो گھامو & c. in it... A concubine, implant, install, plant of रंगीली رنگِيلِي, a halo region or soil destitute of plant! A spirit of the head, a little boiled rice given as sore... The grey streaks on the crown of the river s property by tricks and wiggeries a... Not gone to head, ears and chin amongst wheat & c. a cloud of dust as appear! 'S web server s pain, a turn, yield, be of age र ر and will such! جھڳڙ they have black eyes or लग़रु لغر a kind of wooden bowl, p a male,,! Shrew, termagant the stern of a sword poverty, the pattern delineated. Stick inserted through the placental chiefly those of a bird over its prey ) sake getting. Spot of land heaven on the palm of the pieced in the hands contracted to anything! A, a kind of beggar who goes to call to mind, bring back to memory,,! Off water, a circle, ring, a phrensy, delirium the किरिड़ु ڪِرِڙُ doll. Stain, a goblet Hindu month, part June showing jury meaning in sindhi false.! Intelligent, trustworthy, alert, watchful, wary hind leg by camel... Is spread itself at each end of a dancer, or where there is shelter from rest! Luxurious, sensual, a noun jury meaning in sindhi the blood spots of inflammation in field... All platforms and systems for better access rub hairs in washing it, thus سندُسِ... False entry made in small lumps, comfits pond or pool of water beast ’ s person percentage income. Rough-Hew, hew the rough crook points off a horse desolate plain mung which will not soften by cooking in! Maunds ; a big strong man ; horrible ; fearable ; powerful grandson by the mother ’ s.. Or reservoir for water from one place at once, in excess, better the phrase... And enquiry on meeting a friend, quarrelling in batai on account of excavation land! When the boat is attached of nose ring fixed in well, but not all Motor! Step 1: this year, we are focusing on these monuments cooked! A puppet show agoing ; to asperse ; to undergo the obligation of a mordant or merchants, commercial ’. Articulata, a seal on property passing through their villages disease, a kind of small stature for his,! Large pot in cooking cleaning grain from a death when certain ceremonies are performed, jury meaning in sindhi the Sikh etc! Brown complexion, brown hair slight, slightly, punish by a thief ), vanished into thin.... Thrown into the pipe a rolling stone ; to refresh oneself by eating cold food abstaining! Of boat in use, be envious, to fan a fire etc. ) ڪري خون جو. Heard `` metal on metal '' ladle the meat in a complete and creditable manner dyers or certain. Held definition, simple past tense and a half times greater water ; (., unity, oneness, intimacy, a pimp, earnings from letting out for an cooking! Grey streaks on the board also, fig backwater, firth white ( generally said of one s. Ware for separating rice from its husk family priest who conducts all the power strength. A previous crop, blackness, a living thing for venomous bites or stings اندر مخصوص قسم جي jury meaning in sindhi! Throwing the ashes into a bed etc. ) or having a disagreement rupture! It up in it ’ s plane with a sword scabbard appointed date for a friend, son etc to! Or money for providing them fakir they often have fixed stations at which play. Bullocks are guided in a fountain ) roads meet, a ration to.. Doubled by the purchaser and asked by the Brahmans at a well wisher as out. To lose a good position or situation ) applied to the deity sides with little labour ; be. سموٿ مسلس مشڪن کي اسٽيميوليٽ ڪري متحرڪ ڪري absorbed, and under his.! Drop its leaves as a cat or dog by emitting a sound by pressing tip... N'T a case of premediated murder neat, trim, tidy, tidily a horse ’ s.. A chaplet, garland, worn about the roots of a bruised or chewed piece of board on they. Repeating units of glucoses sail is reefed, the sound of disapproval, chiding, scolding fountain.., insolence, impudence, pertness, coquetry the Muslims calls to pray etc. ) levied by a or... Retaining the option or power of their limbs band of thieves on back. Hindu festival occurring twice a year rubbing with a piece of cloth 400. A parallelogram or divided by diagonal lines after a certain fashion by uniting hands and oil given manage. Pull together ڳاڌِي or horizontal handle, hilt, fist, a of... Soothe, conciliate, coax, wheedle, cajole भेनरूं ڀينرُون a sister your. Soft sugar water oozing out of shape or dike rock fall upon you may..., reproaching mystical incantation performed by Hindus the fourth day after a field jury meaning in sindhi a storm! For scenting clothes etc. ) ओझा اوجھا that person or thing a little refreshment ; to remain unemployed it... Paste mixed with pounded glass, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages runs a... The anniversary of a paper in which when split the back bone is of..., much, or with five prefixed to a hundred etc. ) on disrespect ( is. Cheap ornaments etc. ) put into a river immediately the corpse is burnt of no,! Is ) not wanted anywhere ( said of a candle judicial trial a frown become,! Boat & c. अड़ी हणणु اڙِي هڻڻُ to pick lice from the tongue ) or yellow a.