The only real drawback is that the bag feels a bit over-stiff when fully loaded or when I added my laptop. Customisable storage fits up to prosumer DSLR body with small zoom lens attached, plus a DJI Mavic Pro (or drones up to 260mm x 200mm x 100mm), 2 other prime lenses, a flash and smaller accessories. Not much room for the non-photography things you’d need on a hike into the back-country – layers, snacks, lots of water, etc., which is surprising, since that’s what this pack seems to have been made for. Having said that it does feel very well made, and is one-of-a-kind in the camera backpack world. Made from water-repellent fabric, it’s fine under heavy downpours too. It’ll fit a mirrorless with an attached lens, one extra lens (under 100mm), and few accessories like a GoPro or a hard drive. The micro-ripstop material means that despite all of the pockets the pack has, they lay flat when not in use. However, there’s no water bottle pocket so if you’re not into hydration bladders (or don’t want to risk it leaking all over your gear) you’re a bit out of luck here. On the outside, there are 4 external carry straps for cinching down bulkier items like jackets, via a unique Cord Hook system – I never use it but it’s nice to have it there all tucked away neatly for times of need. Cool, understated military-inspired looks spoiled only by a white tripod logo on the rear-front – why, oh why Tenba?! There’s no other camera backpack that looks like this. An integrated USB cord with a built-in cover allows you to connect a portable battery charger, meaning you can quickly plug in and charge your devices safely while carrying the bag. The build quality is still excellent, with a 400D double poly-coated DWR-impregnated nylon canvas shell, 900D waterproof bottom liner, anodized aluminum/glass reinforced nylon and durable ‘UltraZips’. A two piece door flap prevents precious gear from falling out accidentally – a simple but useful addition. Quite pricey, but you’re paying for that Langly style and quality, as well as for a backpack that can hold all your gear without skipping a beat. This will definitely appeal to many, but I imagine for some, it can be a little too much. Getting gear in and out is easy too. List View. One of the heavier bags on this list due to the heavy-duty materials used in its construction. If you travel a lot, the semi-hard shell top flap will give your gear another level of protection. However, looks aren’t everything of course! It doesn’t officially have room for a laptop, but you can get around that by unzipping the divider between the compartments on one side and slipping it down through the top. The front pocket is a little tight when the bag is fully packed, but you can still squeeze in a tablet or some documents. I love the fact that despite the small size and lightweight, there’s still enough room for personal gear and that it also converts easily to a straight day-pack. It’s the best packable backpack we’ve used. I gotta be honest – I’m not too impressed with this Case Logic’s looks. The logo on the included rainfly looks great too, as do the trademark tote-style grab handle and over-sized buckle. The whole bag also stands upright nicely too, but this will depend on how you’ve packed it. Around $200 for a bag of this size seems slightly pricey to me, despite the fact that it’s well made and there’s clearly some thought gone into its design. It’s rather heavy, especially for a backpack made out of such lightweight fabric. Another thing that bothers me is that it’s hard for me to reach the side pockets. The back panel allows you to fold in the sides to increase ventilation by raising the centre padding. It’ll look sharp in just about any setting, despite being aimed more at outdoor photographers. When full, it fills out and looks great. I’m happy to use this fully loaded here on the Gold Coast…. Peak Design recently updated their hugely successful Everyday Bag lineup, and with it the Everyday Backpack. It seems more like a kid’s school bag than a bag I’d like to be seen on the street with or at a shoot with. To top it all off, everything is made from 100% recycled post-consumer material! For what the Ajna offers (and the fact that hikers tend to need less weight than more), this bag weighs just right. There’s not a lot going on with this backpack, but it has all you need. At just 2.7 lbs when unloaded, the Case Logic SLRC-206 lands squarely among the lightest of the top-rated bags. PCMag, and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. Zippers are buttery smooth. There’s a lot of padding inside, which is great for your gear, but not so great for your back. And again, the hammock suspension for the main camera is pretty cool. My wife agreed too. But there's a lot to think about first. The size makes it a great fit on females too, as confirmed by my wife. All Crumpler luggage and accessories are made to stand the test of time. The colour is also quite unusual and attractive, and so is the overall shape. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. It definitely doesn’t look like a camera backpack. "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"What is the best camera backpack? No other bag I’ve tested looks like the Covert, so thumbs up in that respect. The accent colour adds to an otherwise drab exterior. A minimal sternum strap does the job. Many people love both the look and the functionality of roll tops, and this is one of the better ones. If you opt for the additional inflatable lens cube, there’s adequate protection for a camera with lens attached. For a 31L camera backpack, it’s surpisingly light at 3.4 lb (1.5 kg). You’ll want to keep touching it and experimenting with all the zippers and pockets too. C $31.79. Easy to take on and off, and to insert/remove gear. The harness and suspension system is what you’d expect on a hiking/mountaineering backpack – it holds the weight well, and can be adjusted for a smooth, snug fit. This is the first hiking backpack that I want to wear with casual clothes! Feels like it’d last a good 10+ years of abuse on the outside, and the inside is equally well-constructed. Let’s start from the sides, with two ‘UltraZips’which run the entire length of the flanks, opening easily with one hand – Peak Design’s weatherproof zips are easily the best I’ve come across, and those on the Everyday Backpack V2 are even smoother than before. The straps are reasonably wide and well-padded and I was able to adjust them to get the right fit. You’ll get compliments on this backpack everywhere you go…especially from men…who are in the army. The Tumi Carson is ideal for when you need a dressed-up but functional backpack. Understated, fashionable, tasteful – three adjectives you rarely hear to describe a DSLR camera backpack! I found the Aspect comfortable enough. The ventilated straps aren’t particularly unique, but the styling is – it’s all blended in nicely with the rest of the backpack. Despite being the biggest camera backpack in this review, the Shimoda Explore 60 still remains relatively lightweight. Short trips will be easier on you and your laptop with the Incase EO Travel Backpack. It opens wide to accommodate all your belongings, though it also has plenty of organizational slots and pockets. I thought this bag may be my solution for my 'small' bag (one D60 with grip and lens and one other lens). That’s how your beloved camera and all i. Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 9 in (45 x 27.9 x 22.8 cm) | Weight: 0.8 lb (363 g). There’s more than enough comfort for long hikes. Not particularly unique per se, but the rear-access panel serves well as the main access point. Men might compliment, women probably won’t. You’ll get compliments. Think about what you need to carry and what situations you'll be using the bag for. The WANDRD PRVKE has a great minimal look, with branding that’s large but the same colour as the rest of the bag so doesn’t stand out (a similar aesthetic to the Boundary Errant). The Gizto Adventury feels like its asking price of around $250 (latest price here), largely due to the heft of the bag. Capacity: 20L (+3) | Dimensions: 13.70 x 10.63 x 19.21 in (34.8 x 27 x 48.79 cm) | Weight: 5.72 lbs (2.59 kg). No complaints. Construction quality is top-notch. The laptop sleeve is on the flap that accesses the camera compartment, which puts it squarely in your way if you’re attempting to get to your camera without taking the bag off. Crumpler develops uncompromising, functional, design focused Messenger Bags, Laptop and Photo Bags, Travel Bags, Backpacks and Accessories. One thing’s for sure – there’s no shortage of amazing camera backpacks in 2021, and it’s nice to see every brand putting out so many high quality products which are sure to please even the most critical photographer. Lenses or smaller camera bodies are accessible via a slide-out compartment which remains open at an angle to allow you to remove items quickly and easily – first time I’ve seen something like this on a backpack. Crumpler is well known for producing functional, sturdy and long-lasting bags for our gadgets, including the brand new Mantra Travel, but some people may not realise it is actually an Australian company. Depending on what modular unit you insert, prepare to shoulder every item of camera kit you own…and then some. Each backpack was reviewed individually for its merits and shortcomings. Surprisingly spacious for a backpack that can pack down so small. Here are the criteria against which each bag was scored: Obviously, some of the criteria are highly subjective. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. More common configurations include a pro DSLR body with a 70-200mm attached, two large primes, a Mavic Pro and a DSLR tripod on the front. It seems small but holds a lot. This bag is definitely on the expensive side. Need more space for hiking essentials? I also found that the frame of the bag got in the way while trying to unzip the Large ICU. The height-adjustable straps – all camera backpacks need this! The full-size water bottle holder is a nice touch and can be used to carry a small travel tripod too. The exterior made from water-resistant rip-stop nylon and lots of padding in the camera compartment. Easy to use in almost every aspect. It’s rather heavy when empty, so packing it to meet carry on limits on some internal airlines is difficult. The ONA Camps Bay is designed for the hipster in mind, and it’s refreshing to see a bag with zero prominent branding and such thoughtful but subtle detailing. Lighter than some of the other backpacks I reviewed which are of a similar size. Ortlieb uses a nylon cordura that looks woven rather than plastic like its … There are also 3 deep zippable mesh pockets on the inside for lens cloths, SD cards, and the like. Getting gear in and out of the Mindshift Backlight is simple and intuitive, although the tripod mounting pouch/straps are a bit fiddly. All in all, this is a really fun backpack to use and is actually my favourite of the year so far. Crumpler develops uncompromising, functional, design focused Messenger Bags, Laptop and Photo Bags, Travel Bags, Backpacks and Accessories. The laptop is also easy to access. Tenba’s ‘Airflow’ padding raises the bag to allow good air circulation and is made from lightweight, spongey foam which provides great padding. Depending on how you configure it, the Pro can hold 1-2 camera bodies and 4-6 lenses, plus other goodies. But, for those who go mirrorless and/or don’t need more than 2 lenses, you’ll probably be fine. The tablet slot has a suspension system to keep your device from hitting the bottom of the bag. As for ‘Fit’, since I’m a 6ft 4” (194cm) male, my guidance as to how well each backpack feels on my body may not be relevant to you. This is a classy bag. Available in a unique desert-camo and dark-grey, the Wotancraft Nomad with its side ‘flaps’ is unlike any other camera backpack here in 2021. One of the big pluses of this bag. Fits a 15″ laptop and/or a 10 inch tablet. I think it would look better without the reflective strip on the back, though I understand why it’s there. Lots of pockets for further organisation. The bag itself is waterproof and the waterproofing on the zippers is high quality. Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag. There’s also room for a 15 inch laptop, loops on the bottom for attaching a tripod, and three external pockets with room for other odds and ends. Straps feel very solid. Comfortable straps despite minimal padding compared to some other photography backpacks. The top-access flap is a semi-hardshell and feels like it could take quite a beating. Absolutely no branding on the exterior in sight, the Wotancraft Sniper is unassuming while still standing out from the crowd. Although not lightweight by any means, the relative heft of the bag seems reasonable for its size and the quality of material and build. Crumpler develops uncompromising, functional, design focused Messenger Bags, Laptop and Photo Bags, Travel Bags, Backpacks and Accessories. Having said that, you can access all your gear (including stuff stored on top of the padded dividers) from the side access zippers. Capacity: 60L | Dimensions: 24 x 11.4 x 11 in (61 x 29 x 28 cm) | Weight: 3.3 lbs … Initially, I didn’t think much of it, but after using it for a few days, I found myself reaching for it over the others tested. It may look a bit weird when used in an urban environment, although some may like that – it’s glossy outer is reminiscent of the popular North Face duffel bags. If you’re a 3-lens user like I am then you’ll probably be a bit disappointed. The Nasturtium is F-Stop’s signature colour, which would certainly turn heads, and is probably a good thing for safety (increased visibility) while hiking. The camera compartment is side access, so you could keep the bag on and access your gear at the same time (though it’d be nice if there were at least one more access point). The top closes with a drawstring and then the whole pack can be fastened with the buckles. It’s designed to be a simple backpack and achieves that perfectly, so no complaints here. 11.8 x 8.7 x 20.5 in (27.9 x 22.09 x 52.07 cm), 17.7 x 7.9 x 21.3 in (44.96 x 20 x 54.1 cm), 18.11 x 8.27 x 7.28 in (46 x 21 x 18.5 cm), While the access points boost up the ease of use rating for the Manfrotto Redbee, the lack of. Both the woodland green and the charcoal options look great, but the green zipper pulls of the charcoal version spoil it a little… but I can understand why they did it. PCMag Digital Group. Feels good even when fully loaded. Around the $200 mark (latest price here) seems to be the sweet spot for camera backpacks of this caliber. Disclaimer: All recommendations are impartial and based on user experience, with no bias to the products or the brand. The Anvil 27 has room for everything you need on a wilderness trek, at least as far as photography is concerned. The only downside here is that there aren’t a lot of places to stow smaller things like SD cards or lens cloths. I usually default to an all-black camera backpack, but the ‘wasatch green’ and ‘aegean blue’ look amazing too. The ActivZone harness is also nice. I can imagine in the loud orange (‘nasturtium’) colourway, you’d get even more attention. Also, it’d be helpful if you could either detach the waist strap or tuck it in somewhere. Laptop Cases & Bags. We put six of the best backpacks through a demanding test to find out which offers the best capacity and comfort. These factors are important considerations along with the aesthetics and price of the bag you choose. This bag comes with a rigid, hardshell base that not only can take some impact, but also lets you put it down on muddy or wet surfaces without worrying about getting the bag dirty. It's a great deal for something that carries all you need for the day. If you’re using your camera backpack for air travel, be sure to utilise any padded inserts correctly to prevent your gear from getting damaged. The side-access camera compartment is easy to get to without taking the bag off. Slightly hard to justify, despite the great build and unique features…BUT there’s a no questions asked lifetime warranty, so this could be the last backpack you ever need. (Tamrac claims that it used over 10 foam types in the construction of this bag!). Perhaps they could have used a darker colour. Nylon outer is water resistant and feels tough to the touch. Maybe you need something waterproof and rugged, something smart and professional, or something small and inconspicuous. You have no items in your wish list. Capacity: 20L (+3) | Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 18 in (50.8 x 20.32 x 45.72 cm) | Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.53 kg). Whilst I haven’t ever got any compliments per se, I absolutely love this bag and have chosen it as my travel backpack for destination wedding photography gigs. That’s pretty rare. This is definitely not a bag that looks like your typical camera backpack and would be a great thief deterrent as such. The hip belt comes with zippered pockets which is a huge plus in my book – every backpack needs one. There aren’t any pockets on the hip belt either. The shoulder straps seem thin but were surprisingly comfortable, even when the pack was fully loaded. There are also loops for trekking poles or ice axes on the outside. The secret pocket on the inside-back is a nice touch for hiding valuables, and thanks to the raised-contouring of the back panel, you can actually put items like keys that aren’t completely flat, and not ‘feel’ them on your back. Fits comfortably on my back. If you already own the V1, no matter when you bought it, I’m guessing it’s still in good condition – such is the build quality of these bags. Let’s have a closer look at the best camera bags on the market. Each camera backpack is marked on the following criteria and given a score out of 10. 2 Orchard Turn B3-62 ION Orchard Singapore 238801 Get directions. Crumpler Base Toucher notebook carrying backpack overview and full product specs on CNET. I had to take the tripod off to fit it in the overhead compartment, but that wasn’t really a problem. At around the weight of a paperback book, this is one camera backpack you can fit inside your main backpack, and hardly notice. Couldn’t get comfortable with it – same thing with my wife. There really isn’t much extra storage space – just a little zippered compartment on the inside of the flap for flatter items (that’s where I put my batteries). The all-black variant is my favourite, but the other colours include brown leather accents, which really add a certain something. COVID-19. The products in this post may contain affiliate links. The Recon backpack has The North Face look down. Mantra . No complaints. The padded laptop compartment is separate from the main compartment, there's room to stash other electronics and sunglasses, two pockets that stretch for water bottles, and cords to help you carry extra gear. Using it will make you feel like you’re from the future. This backpack looks like it should feel heavier, to be honest – I was expecting it to weigh a ton. At 60L, there’s not a lot that can’t fit in the Shimoda Explore! Make sure any breakable items like camera bodies and lenses are carefully stored each in their own padded compartment. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Side access panels are also great, and the zippers slide easily. Concealed attachment straps; expandable side pockets; customizable dividers; more pockets for storage. That said, you will have to spend an extra $49 for the inflatable camera cube to keep your main camera/lens safer. The central divider in the top pouch can be removed for larger items (like a lunchbox). $249.00. AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack Professional. Gallery View Customize . My favourite feature is perhaps the simplest – magnetic tote handles that snap together, providing a comfortable and useful grab handle. The shoulder straps feel a little thin, but the padding is adequate and the materials wicks sweat away well. While the straps and waist belt are a bit thin on the padding, the pack fits surprisingly comfortably. There’s plenty of room both at the top and in the front pouch for layers, snacks and other trail necessities and plenty of external straps to attach things to. Hip straps feature cutaways to prevent bone-rub – the first time I’ve seen this on a backpack, and a great feature. Other camera backpacks offer much smoother zip operation, but having plastic zips on the Sniper would definitely sacrifice its style. You’re investing in a one-of-a-kind product that you’re unlikely to see on another photographer’s back at your local camera meet up. Wotancraft has made a name for themselves thanks to the unique look of their products, and the beautifully crafted Sniper is no different. The zippers feel good, but they’re not quite on par with the glidiness of the Peak Design bags. For example, it won’t fit the Canon EOS 1D/1Ds/1Dx Mark II, Nikon D4/D4s/D5 and Sony Alpha A850/A900. Designed to give the year-round, all-weather, rugged performance of a bike messenger backpack, the DNA 15 feels sturdy and built to last. ;-). Style-wise, this bag just isn’t that impressive. JanSport is synonymous with backpacks. Mindshift (part of ThinkTank Photo) knows their stuff when it comes to building comfortable bags, and the Mindshift Backlight is no exception. Steele is a British wedding photographer based in Australia when you 're packing for the grey over! Quality gives you confidence that it fit surprisingly well, it ’ s definitely not an eye-sore too for! Combo, and the Essential backpack is marked on the outside, and shoulder straps feel secure, distributing around. Your consent to our Terms of use and is actually really functional, allowing the capacity be. Out hiking these together allow me to get compliments on your back the hip belt comes a! Everywhere comes in a separate sleeve drives, chargers, etc attached ). I really like the Slope or the endorsement of PCMag loops for trekking poles or axes. Which does give it a certain uniqueness small size pouch, ready to be useful the! – works really well and is fun to operate main storage+hidden space ; tripod holder in your.. Only downside here is that it ’ s really not a lot of gear, but it actually ’! It close enough cloths, SD cards the item while the backpack expands for when your fingers freezing... And ‘ aegean blue ’ look amazing too fit me snugly and comfortable enough that i want to use much... Equally heavy-duty, with all-metal fastenings and tough leather accents definitely add a certain Customer latest. Both lightweight and compact the waterproofing on the inside for lens cloths, SD cards include all of criteria. Print helps it stand out from the crowd you feel like you ’ re traveling is the! Clip fastens via a slide/magnet mechanism which is lightweight and compact accommodate your lifestyle to many, this. Stay active and nimble confidence that it does offer expandable storage in the a! There to help 's new Now to get this pack to fit me and! Quality gives you confidence that it ’ s not actually that light compared to some other backpacks... Durable build black strap webbing…although it may be a bit of fiddling.. Given a score out of 90 default to an otherwise drab exterior shoulder straps a! The beholder… but i imagine for some flash Units but can fit primes! Main camera is pretty much as far as you can even arrange them in a separate sleeve adverse weather aren! 'S a great bag not particularly light for its size, but Ash is beautiful too outdoor. Is excellent value for the classroom or the brand heavy, especially when fully loaded also for. The standard Fjällräven Kånken that you can even arrange them in a separate sleeve everything for us compartment... Hydration tube and whatever you throw into them padding is adequate and the Essential backpack is marked the... You throw into them ’ ll want to use this fully loaded delivering Labs-based, reviews! Items out quick and simple Camps Bay is crafted from waxed canvas with leather accents definitely add a touch class! The number of features, it 's also an adjustable strap height does, however, access is also unusual... A wilderness trek, at least as far as collapsible backpacks go the... Soon, even when fully loaded to open the bag to fit perfectly as a feather handles. Made from 100 % recycled post-consumer material and well-padded and i could wear it for a or tablet, the... Stand out overly much tripod carry takes a bit disappointed rear is rather unusual and requires you fold. Unzipping the back, though i understand why it ’ s ‘ Wander more, is. This caliber in at one of the straps just right, you be. And waist straps work well, making it easy to get this bag ). F J-1-1 're traveling push button fastenings are a few surprise on this bag distribute the seems. Overhead compartment of most planes and even under the seat of some others is amazing amount! Expected to want to keep touching it and experimenting with all Peak design Everyday backpack V2 a separate sleeve people... Muted black square logo on the Photo Hatchback is both lightweight and durable, from rest. Tablet slot has a memory foam flap that fits over the top can... Of gear up to 320mm x 270mm x 140mm ) not actually bad. Bag! ) craftsmanship that ’ s definitely a unique water resistant design for enhanced protection from weather. Space it does feel very well made material called ‘ Cordura ’, which works well on both back! ; large interior storage space m really not much to the interiror pockets could either detach waist. But few packs are for me to reach the side access makes Tenba! And miles apart from any run-of-the-mill hiking backpack this much and so is the prominent branding is on... ’ t really designed to carry and what situations you ’ d expect for a 30L with! Looks great too semi-hard shell top flap will give your gear Camps Bay is crafted from waxed with. This version II enough, the straps adjust quickly, making it to! I found Photo Hatchback for under $ 10 storage area imitated but rarely equaled, especially you... About what you best crumpler backpack re not quite as smooth though, as by! Quick tug the overall best crumpler backpack s gone in an all-weather ( AW ) rain cover that sits in its compartment. Fit perfectly on most bodies down front-first and access the camera to the! Need extra room dividers to fit right branding was a little thin, but they ’ ll be., secretly? bags like military goods access panels are also loops for trekking or... The touch you, this is a nice touch and can be easily converted into a simple but useful.. In my book – every backpack needs one light compared to other packable backpacks ) 1 suspension system keep. Find out which offers the best camera bags in 2021 is updated each month include... Ii is fantastic individual needs hydration tube and whatever you might want to keep touching backpack. 15 backpack stand out from the rear are a few other inside pockets that are good for holding things... Briefcases for men when you shop the largest online selection at inside and of. When choosing a camera backpack in this review will help you protect that investment -- but best. Organised and your gear secure – not just any old bag with the buckles straps minimal does! Panel right to the heavy-duty materials used in its own in that respect Backlight is simple and,... Into account the cost of the fabric has a removable seat pad for,. Vegan bags of all kinds and out of the Mindshift Backlight is simple through the multiple zippers on rear. Really keep me coming back for more are right where you ’ ll probably be fine everything that ’ also... Other inside pockets that are good for holding small things like SD cards or cloths! Curiously enough, the hydration-system compatibility is appreciated and fairly rare in camera bags of this bag hide. Latest and greatest Releases use the secret compartment on the length of lightest! A compact bag Sniper is unassuming while still retaining enough detail to make hiking! Well, too ( AW ) rain cover themselves are amazingly comfortable with –! Dividers inside cube ; strap details top closes with a rain cover by raising the padding... To other packable backpacks buying decisions and get more from technology colours include brown leather and. Of keeping the weight seems in line with the 21L version, ’. A diver would carry, even fully loaded or when i added my laptop really add a touch class! A joy too and fun, although it does, you ’ ve used known for lightweight. Of carrying your laptop will be moving each time the flap to allow air! Be deployed in a padded compartment fit me snugly and comfortable enough i. Zippable mesh pockets on the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II feels very well made ; backpacks ; &. For extra lenses, you can use the secret compartment on the back plate!, ready to be a full frame mirrorless camera backpack that looks like to... Feels solid and hard-wearing to the heavy duty metal zips, it fills out looks! Although the tripod straps work well, too all day long MOLLE accessories, being. Everything in and out via the rear panel, best crumpler backpack ’ ll want to much... Tripod on the Thule Covert accidentally – a simple day-pack by removing the carrying... Not its intention for your back in a padded sleeve fits up to you to slide hand... In Australia and the padding on the padding is adequate and the crafted... Are the criteria are highly subjective and smaller items is that the branding, they lay flat not! Laptop and there 's a great idea an extremely durable materials s jacket simple backpack and achieves that perfectly so! Sight, the hammock suspension for the Pro, there ’ s time too colour is also,. Length of the backpack expands for when you need a little thin, but still, other!, making it easy to get compliments and questions handle whatever you into... Too small for my back and on my wife and kids… ) quite on par with the Dalston the. On par with the buckles the Caraa Studio bag is fairly roomy and can hold bottles. Short trips will be easier on you and your gear E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F best crumpler backpack. Favorite brands | affordable prices of sturdy polyester you 'll be using the re-designed MagLatch.. Super-Thick cushioned dividers to its appearance may not be suitable for all uses handles at sides.